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We create and deliver on-site or virtual workshops, retreats and wellness programs for companies, non-profit organizations, and other groups. 

Our speaking engagements topics:


  • Self-Care for Helping Professionals

  • Work Stress Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Grief/Loss

  • Connection/ Intimacy

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Faith &  Mental Health

Why attend an OTOTM healing retreat?

We hope our healing retreats provide something meaningful to each
and every participant. We all have our struggles but we all also have
the ability to heal and change. We believe that healing can best be
facilitated through intentional and caring collective interactions. Our
intention for our retreats is to open up possibilities for us as a group to
have a better tomorrow. In order to accomplish that mission, we will
always bring together an amazing group of teachers and healers for
every event. Our wish is for everyone to see their power and use it to
mend and restore themselves and their world.


  • OTOTM Retreats are created and hosted by licensed therapists

  • OTOTM Retreats are eco-friendly and includes anti-inflammatory diet

  • OTOTM Retreats are ADULT ONLY-for any and all persons over 18 years of age

  •  OTOTM Retreats are LGBTQIA+ inclusive

  • OTOTM Retreats are located in scenic environments where nature inspires and motivates healing

  • OTOTM Retreats include Art, Music, Movement, and Meditation

  • OTOTM Retreats partner with local vendors and massage therapists

Our Participants 

Hear it from the people. 

“This is the only retreat I ever attended that delivered everything that was promised to me- it was life changing”

- A.S

“As a pastor, mother, and wife I don’t get much time to take care of myself, but I need to and after this retreat I will continue to take better care of me”

- M.F

"This is not just for the ladies. We, men, I know for myself, need to focus on wellness too. I truly enjoyed the retreat and will be at this next one no doubt!”


“Prepare to focus on you”

- L.N

“I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up but it was everything, I didn’t know I needed”

- T.C

“This event was amazing! Walt and Lakeeya are amazing! No telling how far they will go with a world so desperate for healing since the retreat, I have made healthy changes, lost 10lbs so far, created healthy boundaries, and started attending dance classes again something I used to love. I will be at the next one for sure!”


“I learned at the retreat; self-care starts with loving you first”

- S.G

Keynote Inquiries 

All topics can be given via in person or virtual. To speak to Lakeeya Homsey about your next event schedule a consultation today. 

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