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Executive Wellness Programs 

Business will never be done the same.


Post-Covid Enlightenment has created new opportunities and ways to approach doing business and engaging staff. A growing number of corporations now understand that the health of their employees equals the health of their business.

Begin Your Parctice

Culture of Wellbeing = Leaders Driving Behavior Change


Change happens when leadership create a culture that invokes and supports healthy behaviors and coping strategies. Leaders and employees across all levels of your organization should have a healthy relationship with their assigned roles and responsibilities- that is REAL Work/Life balance.


OTOTM supports employers in creating a culture of wellbeing that helps motivate leadership to promote meaningful and enduring change for themselves as well as their valuable workforce.


Our fully customizable program, focused on proactive measures to enhance employee satisfaction and retainment, leveraging infrastructure you already have in place and maximizes its effectiveness by:

  • Reviewing your data and identifying population health risks

  • Developing culturally-relevant materials to meet your workforce’s need

  • Engaging your workforce and leadership teams

  • Promoting greater utilization of your current offered health programs/benefits

  • Creating corporate workshops and retreats that focus on

  • Creating or restoring a community/team building

  • Stress Management

  • Holistic Self Care Practices

  • Rest, Relaxation, and Fun

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