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Rest, Reset,
And Recover

“Truth is discovered when we comprehend the interconnectedness of things”

- Walter Homsey

Create A Beautiful You

“The world is filled with brokenness and beauty, what you see is up to you, if you can’t see beauty-create it”

- Lakeeya Homsey

“As a Senior Implementation Manager, I am rarely not on my phone or laptop but as the open
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Get Started
O.T.O.T.M trailer for our first one day healing retreat
WalterLakeeya Homsey

O.T.O.T.M trailer for our first one day healing retreat

Experience One Trip Over The Moon

Stress Management

In order to push back against all the stress and stressors that we encounter in our day-to-day lives we must understand ourselves. We believe a true understanding of self can only come about through positive healthy connected interactions.

Healing Together

There is no one that goes through life unscathed. Loneliness and isolation are very much a feature of our modern existence. We at OTOTM recognize that so many of us yearn for purpose and meaning and that these can best be found through a sense of connection and community.

Your Wellness Coaches

Walter’s and Lakeeya’s created this safe space for working professionals to address self-care, stress management, mental health needs, and overall wellness through their books, social media platforms, workshops, guided healing experiences, and retreats.

Affordable Retreats 

Our retreats bring together art, meditation, dance and movement, and group workshops that explore the self. We believe that much healing can be found in touch, movement, and stillness.

A Word from Our Clients 

"As someone who is constantly pouring into others it was so refreshing to be able to unplug  and connect. Every part of the retreat was well thought out, meaningful, ad peaceful"

Christine Brunson, Founder of Purple House Project Pa, Inc

“As a Senior Implementation Manager, I am rarely not on my phone or laptop but as the opening song was sung, I knew I needed to unplug and connect and that is what I did-the first time I spent an entire day not looking at my phone or answering calls and I felt lighter. I didn’t know I needed this, but I very much did”


“Working with Keeya helped me refocus. She helped me to remember why I’m healing and the fact that it matters. It really is helping and very needed. Her retreat just reiterated the fact that I need more of a
self-care routine in my life asap.”



Join  US #Onetripoverthemoon

& share your self-care practices you've tried

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